Fish farming

Two main projects:
- On growing of captured cod
- Cod farming, from egg to market sized fish

On growing of captured cod

On-growing of captured cod has been carried out on a small scale in Isafjordur the last 10 years. Last year H-G Ltd slaughtered 50 tons (December to January).


90 tons captured summer 2002 for on-growing. The goal is to slaughter 180 tons in the commencing December to January.


Cod farming: from egg to market sized fish

Cod farming - Production Steps:


Broodstock production of fertilized eggs
- Egg incubation
Start feeding
- live feed
- weaning to dry feed
Nursery phase in tanks
- more optimal temperature
- produce fish better suited for transfer to cages (over 100g)
Grow - out in sea net pens
- salmon technology adopted

Jlus G. S-270
Pll Plsson S-102
Stefnir S-28
rn S-31