From 2002 onward, we have worked hard to build up our aquaculture operations. All fishfarming activities are now in the subsidiary, Háafell ehf. That operates at Nauteyri in the fjord waters of Isafjordur. There they operate a shore based facility that hatches fingerlings to supply grow out facilities.

The plan is to operate three grow out facilities so that one facility can rest in rotation from 6 to 9 months and rejuvenate itself while two facilities are in production. This is done to minimize possible transmission of illness and parasites between various generations of fish that are being grown.  This also gives the ocean bottom an opportunity to rid itself of fish waste that is generated in active growing pens.

The employees of Háafell have gained a wealth of knowledge about the marine environment in Isafjordur from their experiences of recent years. It is here that a long term aquaculture opeation is planned for the future.

This facility is serviced from the nearby village of Súdavík.

History of HG's Aquaculture

Our work in developing aquaculture dates back to 2001. Originally we penned small wild Cod which we grew until they were 8 to 16 months old. Several years later we commenced growing Cod from fingerlings hatched from Cod in our shore based hatchery at Nauteyri on Isafjordur. When juveniles had reached a weight of 100 to 200 grams, we transfered them to Seydisfjordur and Alftafjordur where they were fully grown out and suitable for harvesting. That operation held permits to grow 2,000 tons of fish. With a collapse in Cod fish prices in the fall of 2008, the economic basis for this activity ceased, and we turned our attention to developing salmon farming. In the spring of 2016 we harvested the last farmed Cod, and later that year be started harvesting Stealhead trout   In the spring of 2020 we plan to seed the first salmon fingerlings into pens at Alftafjordur. We will grow that opeation and expect to produce up to 7,000 tons per year in coming years.