Frozen at Sea Production

We operate the freezer trawler, “Julius Geirmundsson” IS-270, where the catch is frozen on board the vessel. Understandably, the raw material is very fresh and fillets of Cod, Haddock and Pollock are frozen before rigor mortis sets in, which gives fillets a unique texture when compared with land processed fillets. Products include headed and gutted Greenland Turbot and Ocean Perch. Usually the ship is manned by a crew of 25. Typical fishing tours are 28 to 30 days. Our crew’s home port is at Isafjordur.


Principal products: 

  • Interleaved cod, haddock and pollock fillets, packed 4 x 12lbs or 3 x 9kg.
  • Whole or headed and tail trimmed greenland turbot, greenland turbot heads and tails, packed 2 x 13kgs.
  • Whole or headed red perch and ocean perch, packed 3 x 7kgs.
  • Various by-catch, headed and packed 2 x 13kgs.